Devotec: Fuel Micro Charger, Solar Sound™ 2 and Solar Charger

Fuel Micro Charger, the world's smallest cell phone charger

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Key chain size battery back up emergency charger. Keep your phone running and make extra calls, wherever you are.

The Devotec Fuel Micro Charger is the smallest emergency phone charger, and its 220 milliAmp hour battery is designed to give you around 20–30 minutes extra talk time, or up to a few hours more standby, depending on how you use your cell phone. Perfect for when you have had an unexpected delay, or haven't been able to fully charge your phone, and you need to make a few calls, send a work email or use your GPS and maps function to find your way home.

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Solar Sound™ 2

The Devotec Industries Solar Sound™ 2 Bluetooth® Speakers are light and portable while still being able to produce a deep, clear sound. With integrated bluetooth.

News & Reviews

  • From Microsoft

    "Many thanks!!! The chargers are here, they look great, I showed one to my manager yesterday and it in particular makes his life exponentially easier. The logos look fantastic, way above expectations!!

    Your devices will go to all the VPs in the technical divisions at Microsoft, and to Ray Ozzie and Craig Mundie, our two CTOs, as well as David Vaskevitch. I'm sure they will all be very happy with them.

    Thank you very much for your assistance, patience with our ordering system or lack thereof, and the rock-solid reliability for getting the order to me on time!"

    Reyna Meenk - Microsoft

  • Fuel was honored as one of the best startups of the year

  • As reviewed by Reuters

  • "Devotec’s Solar Sound 2 makes a virtue of being small and light..."

    "It all adds up to a mighty mite of solar audio that can go anywhere you want to put music."

    "The device puts out surprisingly strong sound that is rich and clear..."

  • As reviewed by Reuters

  • As sold by J&R

  • Real World Labs

    "one of the most interesting portable speaker systems in the market"

  • "we have enjoyed every bit of our experience with the Solar Sound"

    "a great travel gadget"

  • "a god send"

    "quality product"

  • "we're pretty impressed"

    "setup is a breeze"

  • "the sound quality is impressive"

    "The Solar Sound is really easy to use"